Aqualad 2016
Vital statistics
"Real name Kaldur'ahm (Atlantean Kαλδυρ'αμ)
"Alias Manta
Age (2010) 16
Age (2016) 21
Species Atantean
Designation B02
Production details
"First appearance Template:Episode/List
"Voiced by Khary Payton

Kaldur'ahm (Atlantean Kαλδυρ'αμ) is Aquaman's (King Orin's) former sidekick operating as Aqualad and was the leader of The Team during 2010. Kaldur has been working undercover for Nightwing (the new leader of The Team) as Black Manta's (his father) lieutenant to learn more about The Light and their new Partner.

Phisical AppearanceEdit


Aqualad in 2010

Aqualad is an Atlantean and has webbed hands and feet and a set of gills that allow him to breath underwater. He has brown skin, blond hair and pale green eyes. Aqualad possesses black, eel-like tattoos that run down his back and arms, which glow a bright blue when he uses his powers. His hero uniform was a red and blue full-body swimsuit. During his undercover mission he wears a black Manta Suit similar to his father.


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At the age of 14 Kaldur'ahm entered the Conservatory of Sorcery in Poseidonis (city of Atlantis). One day Atlantis was attacked by villain Ocean-Master who battled and almost defeated Aquaman. But he was helped by the combined forces of Kaldur'ahm and Garth (Kaldur's best friend). Although they were easily defeated this gave Aquaman time to recover and defeat Ocean-Master. After their victory Aquaman offered both of them the opportunity of becoming his sidekick. Garth declined the offer and decided to stay at the Conservatory, and Kaldur'ahm accepted the offer.