Batman (Young Justice)
Vital statistics
"Real name Bruce Wayne
"Alias The Batman
Age (2010) 32
Age (2016) 37
Species Human
Designation 02
Production details
"First appearance Template:Episode/List
"Voiced by Bruce Greenwood

Batman (real name Bruce Wayne) is one of the founding members of the Justice League. He was Dick Grayson and Jason Todd's mentor back when they were Robin, and is now mentor to a new Robin and Batgirl. He was responsible for assigning missions to The Team.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne in civilian clothes.

Bruce is a tall Caucasian male with short black hair and dark brown eyes. As Batman he's a dark and imposing figure. He wears a black and gray uniform with the symbol of a bat in his chest and a cape in the back. Also he uses a black cowl over his head to hide his identity.


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Bruce Wayne is the son of millionaires Thomas and Martha Wayne. When he was still young his parents were murdered in front of him by Joe Chill. At the age of 21 Bruce took the Batman mantle and began fighting crime in Gotham City. Some years after he adopted Dick Grayson, trained him and made him his sidekick (Robin) to help him bring Zucco, the man responsible for Dick's parents death to justice.