Beast Boy
Vital statistics
"Real name Garfield Logan
Age (2010) 8
Age (2016) 13
Species Human
Designation B19
Production details
"Voiced by Logan Grove

Beast Boy (real name Garfield Logan) is a member of The Team. He grew up on an animal sanctuary in Qurac, with his mother. After an accident Miss Martian was forced to give him a blood transfusion which resulted in him gaining the ability to shape-shift into any animal. After the death of his mother, Beast Boy is now under the care of Miss Martian, who he addresses as his sister.

Physical Appearance Edit

Garfield Logan (2010)

Garfield Logan (in 2010)

Before his transformation Garfield Logan had blue eyes and medium-long red hair. After his transformation his eyes became green and so did his hair and skin. He generally takes a monkey-like form in which he has green fur and a tail. He wears a red and white single piece uniform which adjusts to his transformations, like Miss Martian's.


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Garfield Logan was raised in Qurac on an animal sanctuary by his mother, Marie Logan, a retired actress and wild life preservationist. During a mission in Qurac The Team met Garfield. After an accident Miss Martian used her shape-shifting powers to give him a blood transfusion, which resulted in his eyes turning green. After time passed his hair and skin became green and he gained his animal power with he can change too different animal