Vital statistics
"Real name Karen Beecher
Age (2010) 15
Age (2016) 20
Species Human
Designation B17
Production details
"Voiced by Masasa Moyo

Bumblebee (real name Karen Beecher) is a member of The Team. She was Superboy and Miss Martian's classmate.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Karen Beecher

Karen Beecher 2016.

Karen is a young African-American girl with curly brown hair and black eyes, during 2016 she has shorter hair. As Bumblebee she wears a black and yellow uniform that resembles a bumblebee.


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Karen during the gap between season 1 and season 2 became Atom's lab assistant and sidekick. She joined The Team along with her boyfriend, Mal Duncan (The Team's mission control).