Justice League of Animals
Justice League of Animals
Show Description
Genre Comedy
Production Company Warner Bros Animation
Episodes NIA
Original Channel Cartoon Network (DC Nation Block)

DC Nation's Farm League is a new DC Nation short which resembles a version of the Just'a Lotta Animals from DC comics. The short stars DC characters as animals.



  • Superman as a manatee named Supermanatee.
  • Batman as a mongoose named Batmongoose.
  • Wonder Woman as a wombat named Wonder Wombat.
  • Flash as a fish named the Flish.
  • Green Lantern as a wild boar named Green Lamprey
  • Aquaman as a mandrill named Aquamandrill.
  • Shazam as a pig named Shazham.
  • Robin as a robin egg with legs named Robin's Egg.
  • Cyborg as a bug named Cybug.
  • Darkseid as a duck named Duckseid.
  • Joker as a frog named The Croaker.
  • Catwoman as a cat named Cat Cat.
  • Mr. Mxyzptlk as a chicken named Mr. Mxyzchkn.
  • Solomon Grundy as a rabbit named Solomon Bunny.
  • Two-Face as a bull named Moo-Face.
  • Bizarro as a dog named Bizarrfo.
  • Captain Cold as a shark named Captain Cod.
  • Sinestro as a hippopotamus named Sinestropotamus.
  • Lex Luthor as a liger named Lex Liger.
  • Brainiac as a crane named Craniac.


  • Ambush Bug as a slug named Ambush Slug.
  • B'wana Beast as a bear named B'wana Bear.
  • Kid Flash as a fish named Kid Flish.
  • Captain Boomerang as a kangaroo named Kangaroomerang.
  • Zatanna as a panda named Za-Panda.
  • Nightwing as a mongoose named Nightwingoose.
  • Aqualad as a monkey named Aqualangar.
  • Terra as an elephant named Terraphant.
  • Animal Man as a monkey and other animal versions of him.
  • Beast Boy as a monkey and other animal versions of him.
  • Vixen as a fox and other animal versions of her.
  • Black Manta as a manta ray.
  • Gorilla Grodd as a gorilla.
  • Bane as a rhinoceros.
  • Martian Manhunter as a vulture.
  • Miss Martian as an aardvark.
  • Batgirl as a fox.
  • Supergirl as a rabbit.
  • Wonder Girl as a pig.
  • Raven as a raven.
  • Superboy as an eagle.
  • Black Canary as a canary.
  • Green Arrow as a hawk.
  • Speedy as a fox.
  • Artemis as a squirrel.
  • Huntress as a leopard.
  • Power Girl as a pig.
  • Lobo as a wolf.
  • Starfire as a cat.
  • Killer Moth as a dog.
  • Red Hood as a deer.
  • Harley Quinn as an warthog.
  • Poison Ivy as a snake.
  • Mr. Freeze as a polar bear.
  • Penguin as a penguin.
  • Riddler as a chameleon.
  • Scarecrow as a tiger.
  • Killer Croc as a crocodile.
  • Cheetah as a cheetah.
  • Mammoth as a bear.
  • Hawkman and Hawkgirl as hawks.
  • Captain Atom as a flea or an elephant.
  • Other DC characters as different animals.


Episodes Edit

1.The Boiled Wonder

2.When the League`s Away

3.Snack Run

4.Swimming Lessons

5.Talk to the Lamprey

6.Taking Out the Trash

7.Heads or Tails

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