Kid Flash
Kid Flash
Vital statistics
"Real name Wally West
Age (2010) 15/16
Age (2016) 21
Species Human
Designation B03
Production details
"Voiced by Jason Spisak

Kid Flash (real name Wally West) was a member of The Team. He's Flash's nephew and former sidekick. Wally is retired from the hero life, along Artemis (his girlfriend), to attend to College.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Wally West

Wally West in civilian clothes.

At the age of 15, later 16 Wally had a slim, but slightly muscular build,now at the age of 21 he has grown considerably taller and looks more mature. Also he has red hair and green eyes. His costume is yellow with red pants, red gloves, and yellow shoes with a red lightning bolt in a white circle on his chest.


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Wally West was Flash 's biggest fan, and after discovering his uncle Barry Allen was the Flash he begged to become his sidekick. After being rejected Wally replicated Flash's experiment that gave him his powers in his garage, and ended up in the hospital. After he came out Barry accepted him as his sidekick. He was one of the founding members of The Team.