Rocket Proposal 002
Vital statistics
"Real name Raquel Ervin
Age (2010) 15
Age (2016) 20
Species Human
Designation B09, 26
Production details
"First appearance Template:Episode/List
"Voiced by Kittie

Rocket (real name Raquel Ervin) is Icon's sidekick. She is currently a member of the Justice League and former member of The Team.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Rocket is an African American with short spiky black hair. She wears a partial hood which covers her chicks and forehead. Also she wears a belt with three glowing circles, from which she gets her powers, and has three earrings on each ear.


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Rocket became a hero, along with her mentor Icon, inspired by several teen heroes such as, Robin, Kid Flash and Artemis, in 2010. She was the one who convinced Icon, a possible first for a sidekick, to become a hero in the first place. After her partner was inducted into the Justice League, Rocket felt mistreated since she convinced Icon to become a hero, she should have been celebrating with Icon and the others and not inside the Hall of Justice with the other members of The Team, a group composed of some of the same young heroes who inspired her.

Rocket stayed with the Team for five years until becoming a member of the Justice League along with former teammate Zatanna.