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Super Best Friends Forever is a DC Nation short created by Lauren Faust. Super Best Friends Forever is about Wonder Girl (voiced by Grey DeLisle), Batgirl (reprised by Tara Strong) and Supergirl (voiced by Nicole Sullivan) joining together to fight crime.

Episodes Edit

  • Episode 1: Invisible Joy Ride (Batgirl and Supergirl try to convince Wonder Girl to take her sister's invisible jet for a joyride.)
  • Episode 2: Time Waits For No Girl (Batgirl uses every trick in her utility belt to get across town to stop Poison Ivy with her friends.)
  • Episode 3: Grounded (Supergirl is grounded but is convinced by Wonder Girl to sneak out and gets caught by Superman.)
  • Episode 4: Name Game (While the girls fight off Cheetah, Batgirl suggest they should choose an official name for their team.)
  • Episode 5: Solomon Grundy Don't Fight Girls (When Solomon Grundy begins rampaging through the city, the girls show up to stop him. But the only problem, "SOLOMON GRUNDY DON'T FIGHT GIRLS!"