Teen Titans Go!
Teen Titans Go!
Show Description
Genre Comedy
Format Animated series
Creator Glen Murakami
Voices By Scott Menville
Greg Cipes
Hynden Walch
Khary Payton
Tara Strong
Production Company Warner Bros. Animation.
Original Channel Cartoon Network (DC Nation Block)
Original Running 2013

Teen Titans Go! is an upcoming cartoon series that will air in 2013 in Cartoon Network as part of the DC Nation block of shows. The show will be a follow-up to the Teen Titans 2003 television series. It will have the same style of animation as New Teen Titans. It will be a half-hour show that will be more comedic and lighthearted than the Teen Titans.

Production Edit

After the success of the test run DC Nation short, New Teen Titans, the new show was announced. The official press release states that this will be a very comedy-heavy series, saying it “shows the humorous side of being a teenage hero,” and that it will feature “the return of Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg in all-new, comedic adventures”. The new show is scheduled to have the original voice cast from the original show.[1] == Episode list ==

Episodes Edit

No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production



(in millions)

1 "Legendary Sandwich / Pie Bros" Luke Cormican (Legendary Sandwich)

Peter Michail (Pie Bros)

Aaron Horvath (Legendary Sandwich)

Will Friedle (Pie Bros)

April 23, 2013 101 2.00[4]

Legendary Sandwich: Raven sends the others on a quest for the ingredients for a mystical sandwich so she can have the television to herself and watch "Pretty Pretty Pegasus". Robin waits at the supermarket for his order while the others have a fierce run-in with the Sandwich Guardians, while the episode ends with Silkie eating the magical sandwich of immortality and a delicious lunch.

Pie Bros: After Beast Boy and Cyborg's song about pie, Beast Boy takes a job at Mother Mae-Eye's pie shop to buy an expensive video game for Cyborg's birthday, but his job may cause him to miss the party and lose his best friend. The other Titans also discover that Raven's theory about Mother Mae-Eye baking people into her pies is true. 

2 "Driver's Ed / Dog Hand" Luke Cormican Tab Murphy (Driver's Ed)

Tom Pugsley (Dog Hand)

April 30, 2013 105 TBA

Driver's Ed: After his license is suspended when he wrecks the Batmobile, and his friends tire of driving him around, Robin enrolls in a Driver's Ed class. What Robin doesn't know is that his driving instructor, Ed, has some sinister tricks up his sleeve that involve Robin as a getaway driver.

Dog Hand: Raven's inter-dimensional demon-father, Trigon, cozies up to her four best friends in hopes of luring her over to the dark side. He gives the other four Titans a new special ability of their own. Starfire is now speaking just like an Earth teenager and using teenage slang, Beast Boy can now transform into anything he wants, Cyborg has a dog's head for a left hand, and Robin is totally buff and muscular. 

3 "Double Trouble / The Date" TBA TBA May 7, 2013 102 TBA

Double Trouble: To avoid playing Cavemen and Dinosaurs with Beast Boy, Cyborg tricks Raven into using her duplication power to make two of him. Then, jealous of his clone's relationship with Beast Boy, he clones Beast Boy. Soon, there are too many clones to handle, and it is discovered that the Cyborg and Beast Boy who started the whole mess are clones themselves, created months ago by a lazy and now obese Cyborg and Beast Boy, who found the spell and used it to take a vacation, leaving their doubles behind.

The Date: Robin is madly in love with Starfire, but she is going out with Speedy, whom she sees has a lot of similarities to Robin. To do so, Robin kidnaps Speedy and poses as him to ruin the date and win over Starfire. However, Speedy escapes (technically he doesn't though since he easily jumps out of the bonds after Beastboy and Cyborg leave Raven in charge of watching she then tells him where the exit is.) and battles Robin as Robin and Robin battles as Speedy. Robin barely wins then after switching clothes with Speedy Starfire comes over to talk him. Guilty partly due to the disembodied voice in his head he tells her the truth.Starfire angry punches him and he's flys toward the wall leaving a Robin sized crater. She is the about to inflict more damage on him after saying I are you out of your mind but instead of out she said a Tamranean word. The voice seems to be partly at fault for what happened to Robin, it might've even planned it all from the beginning and might have even spoken to Speedy too.

4 "Dude, Relax! / Laundry Day" TBA TBA May 14, 2013 104 TBA

Dude, Relax!: The gang tries to teach Robin to relax after his high-strung nature begins affecting the team.

Laundry Day: Chores pile up while the team bickers, and soon their dirty uniforms go on the offensive. 

5 "Ghost Boy / La Larva Amor" TBA TBA May 21, 2013 103 TBA

Ghost Boy: Beast Boy poses as a ghost to torment Starfire.

La Larva Amor: The gang babysit Silkie, who takes off for an adventure south of the border. 

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Teen Titans Go! Clip 2-0

Teen Titans Go! Clip 2-0

Teen Titans Go! episode 2 Trigon gives powers to the titans

A clip from episode 2 Trigon gives the titans their own powers to make them believe he's nice.This freaks Raven out at first.


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